Survey on motivation

The topic of our 2nd mobility was MOTIVATION.
We want to create a picture of what motivates young people of Europe. This picture can help to learn why some young people choose to drop out of school before they graduate. It is a picture that can help us understand and give the schools an idea of what actions they should set in motion.
At each school we had 50 students to answer a survey about motivation.
When we came to Vienna, the students formed 4 groups and they talked about the results of the survey. 
Spend 5 minutes on each question, debating if something surprices you.
After having discussed the survey, what can you make of conclusions?
What does your school do on lack of motivations with students now?
What does your school do on students’ absence from classes
How can your school become better at focusing on motivation?
What can society do for students who drop out?
Below are photos from the group debates and the results.
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