The Liceo Classico G. D’Annunzio was founded in 1924 and is situated in the heart of Pescara. It is one of the biggest schools in the province of Pescara with almost 900 students and 87 teachers. The school offers new generations, aged 14 to 19, a modern education that combines both quality and innovation and assures a complete and modern humanistic and cultural formation.
When students enrol they can choose from three types of courses:


SCIENTIFIC COURSE: Students study the traditional curricular subjects but attend an extra hour of maths lesson every week for the whole five years.

EUROPEAN LICEO CLASSCIO: Students study both classical Latin and Greek but great emphasis is also given to the study of modern languages: English + French/Spanish/German or Chinese. From the third year onwards students also study two curricular subjects in English (Clil).

Lessons begin at 8,10 and finish at 13,15 or 13,45. Students attend school from Monday to Saturday.

Thanks to the subjects studied and to a cross-curricular pedagogical approach, Liceo Classico students are able to acquire an effective study method and self-confidence that allow them to face successfully the challenges of further education and of the future. Once they finish their high school studies most of the students choose faculties like medicine, law, engineering, arts and other branches of science.

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