Created by Nezahat Sena Asar from Nazilli, Turkey

Why this project?

 Young people are the untapped resources of Europe. However, they face youth unemployment and related social problems. This results in social disaffection and marginalization. Our schools must prepare them to face challenges of the changing world and supply information, so that they know how to handle it...
Aim: To issue an online "international job searching guide"... It will have it's own website and a link can be found from this site. 

EUneedsU 2014 - 2017

A 3 year long partnership is almost over. Officially the project closes on August 31st 2017. It has been an amazing partnership between 6 countries.
Our main result - a job searching website is open for public. We have called it Ajob4U.
You can find the website HERE
This leaflet is meant as an inspiration for the website. 
You can find the leaflet HERE
We want to thank the Erasmus+ programme for the opportunity to share the values of our countries through mobilities of students and teachers. Thank you!


Turkey: Nazilli Menderes Anadolu Lisesi
Austria: Bhak Wien 11
Italy: LIceo Classico D'Annunzio Pescara
Greece: 1st Vocational High School Heraklion
Spain: Ies Pau Vila Sabadell
Denmark: Holbaek 10th Grade Center

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